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    Culture of Inclusion and Diversity

    People are Our Most Valuable Asset. We are Expanding Human Possibility.

    Our diverse and inclusive culture allows us to fully leverage innovation and teamwork while we deliver our commitments to employees, customers, and shareholders.

    Snapshot of our People

    Our people are the foundation of all we do, and creating an environment where all employees can and want to do their best work is fundamental to our success. We continue to have increased gains in representation of our global gender and U.S. race and ethnicity employee demographics.


    Our reputation and differentiated culture enables us to attract and retain the best talent. We are recognized for our inclusive, innovative, and world-class culture.?


    We support organizations and opportunities that enable us to build a diverse, skilled workforce. By focusing our attention on ?STEM education and removing social, economic and educational barriers, we enhance the communities where we live and work.


    Inclusion fuels our innovation, drives progress and creates an environment where everyone can and wants to do their best work. We know diversity is more than a recruitment strategy, it’s a business imperative. We are intentional in our diversity recruiting approach because we are determined to give future talent a true view into?our culture, so they know what they can expect.?

    Supplier Diversity

    A diverse supplier base provides us with better supplier relationships, better pricing, and the broadest possible range of experiences and expertise. This not only aids us in solving our customers’ most difficult challenges, but also helps us contribute to the economic growth of the communities where we live, lead, learn, and serve.

    Inclusive Culture

    We are creating an inclusive culture by raising awareness of the impact and value of differences and group dynamics in all of our interactions; understanding and removing barriers that may exist in our process, procedures and everyday interactions; and, creating differentiation by building and strengthening partnerships with the channel, ?customers, employees, communities and other?stakeholders by sharing our culture of inclusion practices.?